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Timetable valid from 25/10/2020 Direction of stops: where shown (eg: W-bound) this is the compass direction towards which the bus is pointing when it stops ... Lowestoft , Bus Station (Stand 8) 106 106 0930 1430 every 60 mins. 0935 1435 0939 1439 0942 1442 0945 1445 0950 1450 0953 1453 0956 1456 1000 1500 1005 1505 Saturdays 106 106 0930 1430. Text Old A3 Hindhead . This is something of a homecoming for this series: 40 miles further down the A3 from Putney Heath, the first-ever post on Roads No More, you will come across Hindhead Tunnel. It is the longest non-estuarial road tunnel in the United Kingdom, and it opened in 2011 to take traffic under the Devil's Punch Bowl scenic area.

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